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Tech3 Productions


DJ Smooth was absolutely incredible. We opened our dance floor at around 7pm, and it was consistently packed until we finally had to shut it down at midnight (and our dance floor was 18'x24'). We opted to have the DJ serve as an MC as well, and he did an amazing job as a showman! He got the crowd excited to dance and kept them interested with throwback jams, unique mixes, etc. Every now and then he would call my husband or I out to do some special thing on the floor. He even brought me up in the booth to DJ a bit with the headphones and turntables (even though I had no idea what I was doing - it was fun!). His set up was incredible. He had his own portable light-up DJ booth, a stand with color changing lights for the dance area, huge speakers, and a wireless microphone. His mix of music styles was exactly what I wanted. I think the number one compliment we have received about the wedding was how awesome the DJ was. We actually asked him to stay over our contracted time because everyone was having so much fun. I cannot recommend this company enough - it makes me want to throw another party just to hire them! As an additional note, the price and service in the months leading up to the wedding were also top-notch. They have a customer portal where you can build your music preferences, request songs to play (or not play), and even set up songs dedicated to other people. Depending on how much you want your DJ to participate (as I said - we went for full showman), you can also fill out all the extra details of your wedding on there, such as names of wedding party, parents, order of toasts, etc. Even though you can do everything online, we talked a few times to go over specific details carefully. I could tell he really wanted to understand the vibe of our wedding and our style before arriving. He was professional, entertaining, hilarious, and one h*ll of a DJ. With an incredible affordable price to boot, I could not have picked a better service.

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