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Organa International


We are very happy with this silver! The best we have used and we have purchased many brands.


Great product!

I bought it for a friend taht is udergoing chemotherapy . She is been dringing Essaic Tea 4 months and she is toleratong the chemo treatments and her tumors have reduced and some disapeared. We are very happy with the results and I really recommend it

I had a tooth extraction scheduled because the tooth was badly decayed. 10 days before the surgery I developed an abscess at the tooth site in my palette. I knew the oral surgeon would give me antibiotics and postpone the surgery. I used oil pulling and Organa 30ppm Colloidal Silver twice daily and after 5 days the abscess was gone. The extraction went off without complication. I also use Silver as a nasal wash and gargle at the least hint of a cold. I have not had a cold in two years, even if my wife gets a cold. Thanks Organa!!!

With my first order I had the need to speak directly with Larry at Organa. He was very accommodating and helped me out. I've since reordered and will continue to do so. I would definitley recommend them

I drink the magnesium and mineral drink and it has greatly helped my gastroenteritis issues. I have been to several doctors that have never seemed to be able to diminish the pain I used to feel in my stomach but to my surprise these have helped drastically.

excellent service, wonderful products, great company. made in the usa

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