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Bristol Health


Warm reception when I arrived, beautifully decorated, easy to schedule, and attentive, engaged, invested therapist

Kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, wise. Dr Wasnick did wonders for my son.

The very best at what they do. The telehealth option was slick and easy. Totally recommend Dr. Liu to anyone and everyone!

Dr. Wosnik is so kind and caring. She put my son and I both at ease right away! And we never have to wait long to be seen. I have recommended Bristol Health to several close friends. You won't regret choosing Bristol Health!

I love it their so kind and helpful they make me feel comfortable they make me feel good

The staff here has been caring and helpful. Dr. Woznick is a great communicator and is easy to reach. She uses genetic testing to treat symptoms, which makes so much sense and avoids many side effects of guesswork In medication and dosage.

I have searched for a very long time for a doctor that understands me and listens to me. And I finally found one here at Bristol!!! They are amazing!

I’ve never met a doctor anywhere else that has been able to help me figure out my complicated mental health like Dr. Wosnik. I wish I could give 6 stars.

So kind and wonderful

We have had a great experience with both Dr. Liu for our younger kids and Dr. Ingerson for my husband and oldest daughter. Both doctors were wonderful and attentive, as well as available to ask questions through their app. Best of all, both doctors gave my family correct diagnoses (after 20+ years for some of us) and the resulting treatments and medications consequently proved much more effective than our experiences with past doctors. I would highly recommend Bristol Health!

Fantastic. I’ve been to a few counseling offices throughout my life for general well-being. My child and I both receive services from them. Randy Thompson and Paul George are excellent therapists. My child and I have always felt comfortable and good about sharing our life. The receptionists are warm and helpful. The atmosphere is healthy and doesn’t feel like the typical depressing counseling office. This feels good and up-lifting. I always walk out feeling like a better person and not lost and full of problems.

We met with Dr. Liu and loved our experience. As the mother of a child struggling with extreme anxiety, I have been fearful and haven't known where to turn. Dr. Liu gave us answers and hope! She is personable and thorough.

We LOVE Cheryl McBride!! She has been an incredible therapist. She’s genuine, kind, and helps us to see things from a healthier perspective while feeling understood and validated. We recommend Bristol health to anyone who needs a good therapist...which honestly, doesn’t everyone?

Dr. Liu has been very helpful and understanding of what is going on. The office staff has always been super happy and helpful and caring. My therapist recommended this place and I’m so glad he did.

helped me be myself again ❤️

I’ve had enjoyable experiences here. Any qualms I have pale in comparison to how much easier it is to get a timely appointment here than anywhere else I’ve tried!

I really loved the kindness that was shown towards me. It’s very neat and organized and even just being in the building helped me to feel at ease. I’ve been to other counselors but Paul George is just phenomenal. He’s caring, sincere, and helps you to celebrate the victories. I would recommend Bristol Health to anyone seeking help.

We are so thankful for the caring professionals here that have given us hope through personalized treatment. Thank you Dr. Ingersoll!

Nice office. Nice people. Receptionist Tanna is really sharp, patient, calming and kind.

Dr. Kelly Wosnik and her staff have been fantastic. I was able to get an appointment quickly and be seen right away. She helped me get on the right meds to help with my pain, and I felt better within a very short time. Also, you can message her through a patient portal to ask questions. She responds within 24 hours every time. The communication is like no other medical clinic I have ever been to. I highly recommend Dr. Wosnik.

This place is full of great and very helpful people who are very informative and kind

Dr. Ingerson is the best. She really took the time to understand what was going on in my life and get me the treatment I needed. Her personal as professional experience life allowed her to empathize , and I'm very grateful for the treatment I've received there.

we make visiting here a priority because the providers make you a priority. having a healthy and happy quality of life should be a top priority. they listen and respond to your concerns without making you feel like you're not a normal person. thank you for giving us a safe place to come

The staff is extremely helpful and treats me with respect and kindness. They helped me get on the correct medications. They have managed my medication and worked with me and my children. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Dr Wosnik is absolutely fabulous. She cares and she works hard. The staff and Dr Wosnik are smart and on the ball. They are quick to answer questions. Thank you to Dr Wosnik and staff! You all make a difference in my life! Bless you all!

I get nervous coming to the doctor but Dr Wosnic is really cool and nice. She listens to me. My mom goes here and introduced me to her and I’m glad she did. The office is really nice and comfortable and the people here are kind.

Really nice

Cool place

The best office I’ve ever been to!

The staff is very kind and helpful. Dr. Liu is fantastic! She takes time to listen to my child’s concerns and always helps him feel at ease.

I love this office! The front office is very relaxing and inviting when you first go in. I highly recommend Dr. Ingerson. She is easy to talk to and great at finding a prescription that works for you. It never feels like she’s trying to sell you on a specific brand. I’ve been doing so great since coming here!

My wife goes here for healthcare. We have been very happy with how we’ve been treated here. The staff is great and always very helpful!

Bristol Health is the best! Dr. Ingerson is fantastic and always very helpful in answering any questions I have. They always make me feel so welcome and relaxed. Would highly recommend!

My daughter has dealt with separation anxiety and social anxiety ever since she was 2 years old. We have been quite a few places trying to find the right help. Dr Liu at Bristol Health has been invaluable with her expertise and information. She set us on a path for success and I'm so happy to say that my daughter is making significant progress. She is doing things she has never been able to do before. I will be telling all my friends about this place so they can also get the help they need for their children.

Bristol health is amazing! They are so friendly and take great care of their patients. They are very knowledgeable about the most current treatments and medications. The only down side is that sometimes the office wait is a little long, but worth it!

Very helpful. I’ve been working with Dr. Ingerson for about a year. She is very knowledgeable about medications affecting mental health and respecting my input. She responds quickly, and is fun to talk to. Highly recommend if you need someone to manage mental health medication.

Great service and nice employees

I love Bristol Health Care! Best people ever!

Amazing as always! I can't simply put into words the gratitude I have for everyone here. When I needed help, you gave me your all, so that I could heal. Thank you is not nearly enough for you guys, you saved my life. Keep up the great work!

Great experience! I’m very grateful to have such wonderful service and abilities of the professionals that work at this facility.

I have had such an incredible experience at Bristol Health. I have been struggling with the idea of reaching out to address my mental health for a very long time and always felt uneasy about the entire process. Simply walking in to Bristol Health I felt reassured that I was in the right place, such a light and optimistic environment helped put me at ease instantly. I was able to set up my first appointment one week after I initially reached out, which was AMAZING. Dr. Sarah Ingerson was thoughtful and precise in her assessment as she helped to assess my situation and make recommendations. I have seen so much improvement (literally a night and day difference) since beginning DBT with Annie Bryner (who also works at Bristol Health) and receiving a full psychiatric analysis from Dr. Aaron Allred (again, with an office at Bristol Health). They have been able to meet all of my needs and help me to find a stable and sustainable balance and I will be forever grateful. I have already recommended Bristol’s health to family members and friends, but I wanted to make a public recommendation as well because everyone deserves a team of people dedicated to their mental health and ultimate success and that’s what I have found at Bristol Health.

This is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people doing wonderful work to help others!

Every single medical provider and therapist at Bristol truly care about the people they serve. There is a ‘feeling’ at Bristol Health and it comes from 100% love for others and a desire to help. I have been behind the scenes to countless experiences where I am just amazed at the concern and effort to go the extra mile in helping others. Bristol gives people hope. I have recommended them to family and friends and feel that there is no better place to address mental health issues.

Highly recommended.

We have recently started going to Bristol Health and have been so pleased! Everyone is so friendly, and the office has a very warm, pleasing atmosphere. The therapist that we saw was kind and authentic. We left her office feeling understood and encouraged. I would definitely recommend this office to any of my friends or family.

All of the doctors and therapists at Bristol Health are very experienced. They take their time with each patient to make sure they give the very best treatment. I recommend Bristol Health to everyone.

Made an appointment in January, forgot about it and didn't show up. I never got a reminder. When rescheduling the appointment, I was told that I didn't get a reminder because I needed to schedule two days in advance to get the reminder. I rescheduled for two days later(on the 28th for the 30th of January) and specifically asked for a reminder. I was told I would get one. I did not receive one. I went out of town for a few weeks, and upon returning I rescheduled again and got a reminder so I went into the office today ready to see the doctor and get my medicines refilled. I was told that I had two no shows and I had to pay $50 for each one. I said I was fine with paying one of them, but that given the circumstances of the second appointment I did not feel it was fair to pay the full cost since I received no reminder even after specifically asking for one. I offered to pay half of it. The receptionist said, "OK, that sounds fair." I was charged $75 and sat down waiting to be seen. Kelly came out, got another patient and went into her room. After she was done with that patient, she went out past me to talk to the receptionist in the other room. About ten minutes later the receptionist comes up to me with printed out pages of my appointments and tells me that I have to pay the late fee in full. There are three problems with this: 1. I was told that they would waive half of the fee. I paid it, and then 15 minutes later they changed their mind and told me I would have to pay the rest. 2. The printed out pages showed that I had 6 or 7 no shows. All of which I had paid for with no incident. I am fine with taking responsibility when I make a mistake, but the most recent one had at the least shared responsibility. The pages that were printed out should have told them, "hey yeah, this guy really needs help remembering his appointments, we should have sent a reminder" but instead, they tried to use it as 'ammo' against me to shame me into paying an amount higher than the one they previously agreed to charge me. 3. One of the side effects of my medicines which are all prescribed by Kelly is memory loss/forgetfulness. I would expect more sympathy for this rather than be taken advantage of. I refused to pay this new price that they wanted to charge me, and they told me that I would not be seen, so I left. They offered to refund me the late fees and I refused-even if they were not willing to honor the agreement that we made, I was. So I had them continue to charge the $75. This was never about the money, this was about the principle. If you say that you're going to do something and you admit fault, you should be willing to stand by that. What you shouldn't do is be a coward and go behind my while making your receptionist come and tell me that they changed their mind about the agreement that we previously made. Doctors often feel like they can bully you because you need them-I now have to go without my medicine until I can find a new doctor-but I'm not willing to let that happen to me. I hope this review can convince someone that these people care more about $25 than their patients, have no sympathy and go back on their word. They also have such high reviews because they bribe people into leaving them which you can see for yourself if you go into their office. So keep that in mind as well.

I have been so impressed with Bristol Health thus far. Knowledgeable staff, courteous staff and Dr that actually listen to you.

Dr Ingerson has been amazing at figuring out and managing my difficult to treat depression and anxiety. I feel peace, and am so grateful for her genius...

Dr. Wosnik has been really wonderful over the last year--I've felt that she genuinely cares about my well-being, she gives helpful answers to questions, and...

I have been nothing but impressed with Bristol Health. The staff is friendly and knowledgable. In particular, Paul George is a competent and compassionate provider who is very good at what he does. I would definitely use Bristol Health again.

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