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I can't say enough amazing things about the group here. My baby has been a stay at home baby for the 1st year so I was a little nervous, but everyone took such good care of him and he transitioned so well.

Enep’ut has been my favorite place to work at for years, it’s a home away from home, and provides an extended family to many!

Enep’ut Children’s Center offers a caring, stimulating environment for ALL children- they meet the child where they are and welcomes children to be themselves. Enep’ut Children’s Center staff consists of qualified caregivers that really care and take pride in offering innovative curriculum. “It takes a village to raise a child” and Enep’ut Children’s Center is vital to our village.

Great school with kind, patient teachers and lots of fun learning activities. Very happy with Enep'ut! Edited 11/5/19 to add: My son spent 3 years at Enep'ut and loved it. Lots of fun activities, the teachers are caring, supportive and fun while always making sure everyone is safe. Highly recommend!

Great place for kids. We want to have a safe and outstanding learning environment.

The care that the staff gives each child is exceptional. They are amazing and friendly and work hard towards providing the best child care possible for the children in their care.

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