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Tom has come up with a very easy and cost effective way to anneal cartridges. I highly recommend Tom and Enterprise Services.

The Anneal-Rite is magnificent in its simplicity, perfect in price and performance. I will recommend it to all of my reloading friends. I can set it up, adjust and be annealing in 3 - 5 minutes without wasting any brass. Using Tempilaq as a heat check works flawlessly. I annealed 50 cases as a test, they all came out perfect. Can’t say enough good about the Anneal-Rite, highly recommend it.

Got the annealed and works just as described, thanks for the fast shipping. Great product!

I am pleased with your annealing system. I talked to Tom Wilson a couple of times and he was very helpful with getting me started. It works well and is easy to set up and use. I would recommend it to others.

I received my order Monday afternoon and set up to anneal 100 30-06 cases. A little over an hour later I had them done and everything put away till the next time. I feel more confident doing this job now than I ever have with any other method I have tried.

I bought the annealing package from TOM I took to it like a duck takes the water. I’ve been re-loading for 40 years and I’ve never annealed a rifle cartridge before. But now since shooting my 50 BMG and my 338 Lappula I need to have my cases last longer. So I went online checked out other products that are kneeled very expensive some of them very complicated the main thing I found out is that his device is very adequate for the poor man players with two torches and 750° temp paint will work but works better is his machine the cost is nothing compared to the time saved very good product highly recommend it easy to use planning on buying a second one for a different area where I live awesome product😀🌵

Products work very well and I appreciate that Mr. Wilson takes the time to share is experience and knowledge. He defines customer service.

I was very skittish about trying case neck annealing again. Several years ago I tried it without a means to determine the neck temperature. Evidently I got some too hot and the shoulder collapsed on the cases when the necks were resized. The Anneal-Rite with the temperature indicating fluid produced perfect results. Everything went exactly as in the video, thanks for such an affordable product that produces results as advertised.

Great video!

Exactly as portrayed in the video, and a BEST value.

Received the Anneal-Rite yesterday & read the instructions. I put the 750 Tempilaq inside ea. Neck & a little 450 on the outside of the .270 Win cases. annealing went exactly as you described, I was annealing a case in 3-4 sec. in the flame. Many thanks for an annealed that works well and doesn’t break the bank.

Thanks for the simple, inexpensive, efficient Anneal-Rite machine. I just annealed 200 .300 BLK brass converted from .223 Rem. The conversion process work hardens the formed cases, annealing is an easy correction. The ease of setup and annealing was ideal. I annealed 200 pieces in about 40 minutes including setup. Bill. Duncan I’ll, TX

Thanks a lot, I processed a couple hundred .243 and 50 - .338 Lapua brass. The simplicity of your system is great. Now for some .22-250 brass. Thank! Ben

Just did a couple of hundred .223’s what a sweet system, couldn’t ask for a better system, annealed my brass perfectly. Thanks.

Easy to navigate site, informative videos, great customer service.

Very easy to use. Get through a lot of brass quickly. Great product for the price. Makes the process as simple as possible.

Tom Wilson is the most knowledgeable in annealing that I know. His services are awesome and his products are the best. Thanks Tom. You are awesome!!!

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