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I am a more advanced guitarist, so, I had some reservations about going to a teacher who assists so many beginners and older adults, but, it was well worth the investment! I'm so pleased with how it's been. I have been playing 15+ years, seriously, and pursued musically formally in college for a little while. I am fairly aware of where my issues are, and Andrew was able to address them in the first lesson! Since then we worked on a game plan/practice plan; song goals, and performance goals. It's been an excellent 5 weeks and I have already grown so much as a guitarist technically! Lessons are fun, engaging and I"m so glad I gave Andrew Wheeler guitar lessons a try.

Started studying with Andrew about 6 weeks ago after being an open chord first position strummer for the last 20 years. My real goal is unlocking the fret board and really understanding how to play the guitar, why do things work the way that they do ? In a few quick weeks Andrew already has me playing up and down the neck. So far the experience has been GREAT.

Being mainly self-taught led me to want to seek someone to help me advance from a novice bedroom player to real musician. Andrew was able to help me with that in some big ways. From the time I walked in I was comfortable and confident. He asked me what I wanted and from then on as I would come back weekly he would have ideas for lessons personalized to my goals. He seemed to know the key to me expanding in the music I had already learned (especially Hendrix!). He also just made it fun to go to lessons. It doesn't feel like a chore. I would highly recommend 518guitar to anyone who wants to learn guitar in a comfortable environment with a knowledgeable instructor.

Andrew is the quintessential professional. I just had my first lesson with Andrew, a pleasnt professional. who can really, really play. More importantly, as an older, true beginner, I was very impressed with Andrew's teaching and communication skills. I was able to learn a tremendous amount of information and really actually began to play my new guitar during my first lesson. Thank You Andrew! I really believe you will help me reach my goals of playing the genre of music I enjoy!

I am a baseball player for the Tri City Valley Cats in the Astros organization and I have been getting guitar lessons from Andrew for a month and a half now and it has been awesome! He is very flexible and accommodates to your schedule needs. I started from not knowing a single thing about guitar playing to already learning hammers, slides, and various chords to play different songs. He does a phenomenal job at teaching guitar, and certainly will help you achieve the goals you wish to reach at playing guitar. I recommend everyone to get lessons from Andrew! I look forward to having more lessons from him.

There’s nothing better than immediately feeling comfortable with someone who you are trying to learn from. Andrew has inspired me to fully engage myself in both the musically process of playing but also building guitars as well. It has been an amazing experience and I’ve just started with him 5 months ago. Couldn’t recommend Andrew enough.

As a 59 year old picking up the guitar for the first time, I wasn't sure what to expect from any teacher. Andrew has turned out to be so much better than I expected. He is not intimidating, he is friendly, he is super talented, and has the knack for giving me a lot to work on without overwhelming me. I thought I would be a project for any teacher, but thanks to Andrew I feel I am making steady progress. I would highly recommend Andrew as a teacher.

Since my first lesson with Andrew, he's done nothing but help me improve every aspect of my playing. He has helped me improve my theory, musical vocabulary, technique, and expanded my taste in various genres of music. He has turned me from a mindless shredder to a guitarist who knows when to take a backseat and play less bombastic. I have nothing but praise for what I learned with Andrew and I'm thankful to have a teacher who helped me grow so much as not only a musician, but a person as well.

My experience with Andrew far exceeded my expectations. He was so patient and kind and was extremely flexible with his schedule. He goes above and beyond to help you reach you goals and is easily accessible. He provided with so many tools outside of our lessons and constant availability for questions and troubleshooting. I have improved leaps and bounds from when I started with him in a very short period of time. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

Andrew has been teaching my 7 year old grandson Carter guitar lessons since February, and I cannot day enough about the positive experience it has been for him. Andrew has a genuine knack for working with children and making learning fun. Carter continues to comment every week after his lesson that he loves learning from Andrew and just how awesome he is. There is no better compliment than when a student loves his teacher!!!!

Andrew is a great teacher and more importantly, an awesome person. I have been playing recreationally for more than twenty years and he customizes lessons based on my musical interests. Highly recommended!

I began working with Andrew 2 years ago. I have been playing the guitar since I was a kid. But now that I’m retired I really wanted to improve my skills, learn more musical background knowledge and be able to correct some of my bad habits. I feel Andrew has really listened to my needs. He has been very patient and informative. I have become even more passionate about the guitar and enjoy my lessons with Andrew. I would highly recommend him!

He is one of the best musician and instructor in Albany. Why I could say he is the best because his student who is my son can read all music notations in a short time with him.

When I began searching for a guitar teacher for my 9 year old son, I knew I was going to have an uphill battle - my son has the attention span of a typical 4th grader, and we have been having difficulty identifying activities/hobbies that he likes and that will engage him enough to stick with. After speaking with several guitar teachers all around the Albany/Saratoga areas, I found Andrew, and I must say it was a breath of fresh air. I spoke with Andrew over the phone and described my son, and what I wanted to get out of introducing him to the guitar - and he got it. He explained the methods he uses to engage such a young student, and how his teaching will grow to encompass music theory and more formal instruction as my son becomes comfortable and competent with basic skills - all while making sure it stays fun for him (understanding that if it looks/feels like homework or a chore, my son likely will shy away from it). Our first lesson with Andrew was at his home in Albany, and suffice it to say it was a huge success with my son. Having never picked up a guitar before (except mine from when I took lessons as a kid), within minutes my son was learning how to play simple notes and bridge them together. As he began to play the notes on his own, I could see an immediate shift in my son, from someone that was "trying guitar lessons for Dad" to someone that actually liked it for himself - and this can be attributed directly to Andrew's ability to tap into him and read him. Andrew has a great way to balance easing students into the lessons with jokes and funny ways to remember hand positions, notes, etc with making sure they understand the concepts and actually LEARN the lesson before they move on. By the end of the 30 minute intro lesson, my son was playing Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, which to a Dad who grew up on that music, was a big moment. When we finished the lesson and left, my son asked to hear Nirvana's version on the way home, and was talking me through how he thinks his and Andrew's version were more simple, but "way better" (he was using 2 strings I'll add...). So clearly he caught the guitar bug - so much so we stopped at Guitar Center on the way home and he plugged right in and played in front of everyone. This practice continued all weekend - much to our happiness. We've been back to Andrew since, and each time they reviewed the week's previous lessons, and added new "practice lessons" for my son to work on at home. I know this is a long-winded post, but I wanted to give an honest review on our experience with Andrew so far. I can honestly say that we have seen a different side to our son, who has struggled with finding things to hold his interest/be passionate about (and not video games)- and for us, these lessons have been just what we were looking for. I would recommend Andrew as a guitar instructor to anyone looking for a easy going, non-judgmental and highly skilled professional - for any age group and with any learning obstacle. My son and I have enjoyed going so much, I'm considering picking up lessons again for myself so we can one day play together...and start a band...(still on my bucket list...).

Andrew is an extraordinary teacher. He combines a comprehensive knowledge of music theory and technique with an experienced and thoughtful teaching method. I have been looking for a teacher like him for years. He listened and heard where I want to go as a musician and has tailored my lessons to my ability and interests. He is a teacher who can not simply teach songs but how and why songs "work". Its a huge difference and hard to find. I highly recommend him if you are serious about learning guitar.

I'm an older student, and I've learned more from Andrew in a few short months than I have in the past. He's a fantastic guy and great teacher. Extremely patient and a great demeanor.

I’ve had many guitar instructors in the past, but Andrew is by far the most dedicated and efficient teacher I’ve met. He knows what his students need to achieve their goals, and has the insight to direct them accordingly. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone, whether your goal is to learn to play for fun like myself or want to become a guitar maestro.

I have been casually playing guitar for the past fifteen years. During this time, I had some basic introductory lessons and more intermediate lessons in college. I've worked with 4 or 5 different guitar instructors at various points. Yet, none of these other teachers have come even close to being as helpful and educational as Andrew. After reading reviews of Andrew online, I began working with Andrew about 3 or so months ago. Since then, I have experienced remarkable improvement (even in this short time!) and I can't help but be inspired by our lessons each and every week. He's extremely professional and provides a lot of great resources each and every week. I'm closer to being the musician I want to ultimately be - and a lot of this is because of Andrew. I can't wait to see where this will keep going. I honestly cannot recommend him highly enough.

I decided to pick up guitar lessons again after my Mom passed away, she always wanted me to learn at least one WHOLE song on the darn thing. I did not know what to expect but Andrew guided me through the whole process, only wanted to take a few lessons, i'm still taking them,,,,i don't plan on stopping any time soon! my Ma would be proud I can finally sit in the kitchen and play some nice tunes she always wanted to hear. Many thanks to Andrew especially for his patience with learners of more "advanced age" might we say!~

I loved guitar lessons with Andrew! Andrew is a kind, patient, flexible, passionate and extremely talented guitar teacher. He really worked to understand my goals and learning style. I look forward to every single lesson. You can't go wrong with Andrew!

If you want to learn how to play guitar and understand musical theory then look no further. Andrew is a great educator. Follow his lead and you will see tremendous improvements.

What a great experience! I took lessons years ago from some teachers but they never "unlocked" what I needed to know to see the FULL guitar and become a better player. Andrew Wheeler worked with me to assess where my stumbling blocks were and it's been nothing but good stuff ever since I started. Thank you, Andrew!!!

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