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The Recovery Room (Westwood Spine and Joint)


Over the past few years, the Westwood’s have provided a quality of life to my family in significant measure. Dr. Bob evaluated our 5 year old daughter’s body after months of chemotherapy. My husband found answers to many health difficulties through Megan’s food allergen testing. After developing some of my own health troubles, I knew the person to call. Megan’s lab testing and determination to help me was life changing! When I applied her suggestions for gaining healthy gut function, I noticed improvement to symptoms immediately. A wide range of relief came over my body, both physically and mentally. I didn’t know how terrible I was feeling until I felt better! For this, I thank Megan. She made herself available to talk with me at any time during the 6 week elimination diet. She was professional, friendly and encouraging. My experiences with the Westwood’s have been tremendously successful and rewarding!

So I’m a 27 year old who has been dealing with anxiety depression and addiction for many years and I was looking for a healthier, organic way to deal with the stresses that effect my mental health on a daily basis . So I had a consultation with Meghan and I was extremely comfortable with her knowledge and her background in nutrition . So I ordered the unlimited package and I haven’t regretted that purchase one bit . After about the fifth session I really started to notice a general improvement in my mood and reduction in my anxiety . And now I come pretty much every single day for not only the cryotherapy but with the cryo package I’m capable of using compression, ice and the hyper ice. If anyone is dealing with what I’ve mentioned above, I highly recommend stopping by for a consultation. Because not only do I feel better mentally but my body feels 10 times better.

Meghan and Bob make a powerful one two punch. My life has been dramatically improved with their sound advice on nutrition and physical therapy. Feeling stronger than ever from my time with them both !! Grateful!

The recovery room was amazing! I came into town for the Pittsburgh marathon and was dealing with a little bit of an injury. I used the cryotherapy and the Normatec compression and after a few sessions, the pain was gone. Also, the staff was wonderful and very helpful all in all it was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend the recovery room. I will come back here when I come to town.

The Recovery Room is the kind of recovery I believe in and look for in helping when I have health problems, joint pain or body issues. I totally believe in good nutrition has to be in place and Meghan is great at recommending the best nutrition to get better health. Thanks Recovery Room. You are awesome!!!

When I came to Meghan with my digestion problems she advised me to do an allergy test. The result was a gluten intolerance. She helped me with a gluten-free diet and since then I’ve never had heartburn and stomachache again. I highly recommend Meghan. She’s friendly, knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to your problems.

My daughter is a swimmer and needed some nutritional advice. Meghan did a great job. Her advice was so helpful and she did it in such a positive way. My daughter is eating healthy food now before and during meets and it helped her to perform better.

For many years I suffered with Addison’s disease with no help from my Dr. I had been seeing Dr Robert Westwood for my back ( BEST CHIROPRACTOR) and found out his wife could help me with the disease. After my results came back from the required saliva test Megan put me on 2 different natural supplements. Within about 1 1/2 months I noticed my energy level returning. Do want to add I recently mentioned something to my thyroid Dr about having Addison’s disease. He looked in my file and says, I don’t have that on record, you need to be tested. Explained I was going the natural route and didn’t want to be tested. He proceeded to tell me how the natural route wasn’t good enough. Why some Drs don’t believe in patients going the natural way. Bottom line, Megan is GREAT at what she does and works to get you feeling your absolute best.

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