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Healthy Express Weight Loss & Management


After retiring from an active lifestyle, I commenced an on and off battle with my weight. After many cycles of “lose some gain more” it finally became apparent that I needed a structured program if I was going to achieve a permanent weight loss. Several months ago, I had the good fortune of meeting April Judd and her husband at a gathering of our exercise group. After learning that she was involved in healthy living and weight loss training, I met with her to see if her program might be what I was looking for. Fortunately for me, it was! Over the next 4-5 months, I lost 31lbs and 26 and ½ inches and have maintained my weight for the last 6 months. I not only lost weight, I have come to really enjoy healthy foods. April is truly an excellent and demanding coach. She is precise and reliable and you cant get away with any “sneaking a little bite of this or that” I am 82 years old with Parkinsons disease. If I can do it you can too! Thanks April! Hal Farley

My husband and I have been with Healthy Express since July. I have loved being on this weight loss journey with April. She is so positive and encouraging and that makes me want to be successful. I truly feel that she cares about me. Her workbook is great. I have learned so much from the weekly assignments and have been challenged. If you are looking to change your life style, April and Heathly Express will help you change.

My wife and I began this journey together in July of twenty eighteen. We met April and she actually came to our place of employment. We loved her enthusiasm, her strong desire to help us make the necessary changes in our life style habits to reach our desired goals. Our weekly visits of reporting our success and our falling short of the desired goal. April has never been one to dwell on negativity or our own personal short falls. The work book that we go through of weekly challenges is very helpful. When my wife and I turned fifty we said we needed to change. That lasted a year we lost the weight then but fell off the wagon. Now six years later we have been more determined and committed to this than before because of April’s great ability to help us. Her ability to share her years of insight and training truly has helped us reach our continued goals. We have learned that our bodies do not need all the foods we put into it. We are reading the packaging labels and choosing better foods at the grocery store. For my wife and I this truly will be a life long change for the better, good luck to all who choose April’s help !👍

My name is Martha Remund and I’m proud to say that I have lost 34 pounds and 30.5 inches with the aid of April Judd who has genuinely cared about me. I set a goal to have my weight off in 5 months. I have been able to maintain for 9 months. I was not an easy client for April to start with because I’d had Parkinson’s disease for 12 years, I was 65 years old, and I loved to bake homemade bread and other baked goodies. I recognized at the time that I was depressed and was an emotional eater gaining weight. I had always been dedicated to exercising five days a week because that slows down the progression of Parkinson’s but my medication for Parkinson’s also caused weight gain. I met April in December 2017 and asked her to be my health/weight coach. I told her I would start in the new year. But she very boldly said, “no, why wait. let’s start on December 28 and then you can go through New Year’s activities making wise food choices.” And that began my positive weight journey with Healthy Express. I could go on and on but I won’t. Let me just say that April has been a motivating force for good, she’s helped me to be accountable every day, she has given me encouragement, and a desire to keep the weight off. I would recommend her for anyone that is wanting to have a very good experience at losing weight and having a healthy lifestyle. I think the biggest help for me was having to be accountable. She wanted me to be successful in my efforts. Just hearing her cheer me on and her excitement with every pound lost gave me such confidence. I’m so glad that our paths crossed and that she continues to check on me. Martha Remund Before: 179 lbs. After: 145 lbs. Lost: 34 lbs.

I have been working with Apeil for the last 3 months. I have lost about 23 lbs., and am excited for the future. She has been inspirational and helpful and keeps me accountable. Besides the working relationship, I feel like I have a new friend. I would recommend Healthy Express to help achieve our health goals and keep us inspired.

My husband and I were very discouraged with our weight gain and bad habits. We came to April for help. We are so pleased with our success. We aren’t finished with this journey and never will be but we have discovered how good healthy food can taste. We now know how much better we feel when we eat right and exercise. We know that we can survive and feel much better without eating sugar and carbs constantly. We are so happy with the knowledge and power that April has given us. We look forward to reaching our goal and continuing to do the things she has taught us.

I have been working with April since the beginning of January. Since then I have dropped about 14 lbs and around 19 inches total! I didn't even realize I had that much to lose! Haha she is a fantastic motivator and coach. She keeps me on track and i have never felt better! Even when I was at my goal weight a couple years ago I still had a dimply stomach, but with the tips and pointers and help she has given me I have been able to tone up my stomach as I lost the inches and weight so it is smoother then it was! I am so happy with my results and definitely recommend her to friends and family, actually I have, my mother and a few friends now see her too!

I met April in December 2017 and was pleasantly surprised to find out she was a weight loss counselor. I have been meeting with her since my beginning date of December 28, 2017. I was frustrated with my weight gain caused by medication, poor food choices, lack of sleep and lack of portion control. I feel like a new person with April cheering me on in a positive manner giving me the reins to manage my issues but pulling back on them when needed. She has provided nutritional education, challenged me to rise above my health problems, given me the tools to become a better and healthier person, and has helped me see myself in a different light. The products being used are working for me and I'm happy to be a part of Healthy Express and have April as my counselor Her desire to see me succeed has given me hope and a desire of my own to be a better person.

Healthy Express is your one stop shop for fat loss, weight management, encouragement, education, lifestyle changes you can and will want to make! April has been at this long enough to know how to tailor the program to meet you where you are and get you going in the right direction. I highly recommend April and Healthy Express!!

This weight loss system truly focuses on teaching you how to live a healthy lifestyle that will help you accomplish your weight loss goals and teach you how to maintain it for life. Excellent Curriculum!

Pretty awesome! Can't wait to come see it!

This looks way cool April!! Best of luck to you in this endeavor! I'll come in and see you as soon as I graduate from hair school :)

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