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It's All About Time


Gene, the owner; is the only watchmaker I trust with my timepieces. Fairly priced, he and his staff always make sure you're satisfied with their services.

They fixed my watch. It's all that matters. Edit: By the way, my wife is extremely happy that she can wear her anniversary gift again.

Always good service and there prices are fair and competitive.

Good personalized service and fair prices from a local shop! They not only sell new time pieces, but do adjustments and repairs on clocks/watches; in-home on grandfather clocks too.

Great service.

Went in looking for a watch band and the gentleman I spoke with was very helpful and attentive. Gave me his time and full attention and did not make me feel rushed. It was a simple service but I was made to feel valued as a customer. They swapped my old band with the new one free of charge.

i took my watch to a jeweler who said they specialized in watch repair. they told me that my watch couldn’t be fixed. I called Its All About Time and he told me he could fix it. and he did. the Jeweler quoted me a few hundred dollars to fix it which they could not do. He reworked it, waterproofed it and even showed me how it worked! for $30.00!!!!!! And it was done in less than 24 hours. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Superb customer service.

This is by far the best place to take your watch, clock or time piece. Very professional and friendly.

Great service! Had the exact watch I was looking for and matched the online price. Highly recommend!

Really great service here just about as friendly as possible makes for a good experience when people treat you with respect like they do here not only are they friendly but they know what they’re doing I’ve had several Different services provided for me here from Watch crystals replacements Two grandfather clock repair it always comes out perfect really appreciate it’s all about time

I took my watch into get cleaned, new battery, and resizing.... the customer experience was wonderful... very professional.... very clean. Well priced.. it’s a small mom and pop kinda store... it’s better then the rest... if you need work done come to this place

Walked in looking for parts for a GizmoGadget watchband that I was having trouble finding, she found something that would work & even gave me a little discount. Thank you!!

Great customer service with Incredible knowledge! Super friendly and helpful. I am a dumb guy with bad questions oh, but he was amazing to help me. This is a great small business that is easy to access and is very inviting. Support them and use them for all of your battery and watch and clock needs. Completely fair and honest. He did a great job and can vacuum seal your high-end watches. He will run three tests before and after he changes the battery. He uses high quality batteries.

They fixed an old Cuckoo-Clock that had died. It cost $250 for the repair, which is probably more than the old clock was worth in monetary value, but for sentimental reasons, it was worth it. They did the job on an expedited basis in order to have it ready in time for the gift that it was. When we got it back, it was all cleaned up, oiled, and everything worked great. They really did a nice job. If you have a time piece that you want fixed up the right way and are willing to pay for it, I would recommend this place.

Good Service will shop again!

I was very impressed with this watch shop from the moment I walked in - I was greeted with a nice welcome and how can I help. I showed my watch and what I needed and the customer service was awesome. When I picked up my watch (just a few hours later, it was ready to roll, and they explained their loyalty program and once again they were extremely friendly and quick. I would definetely recommend their store...

Nice staff very helpful would recommend for anyone needing a watch fixed

Friendly staff who work very quickly and at a fair price. They handle everything with care. Very satisfied with my visit!

The very best place for any concerns with a watch or clock or to purchase a real treasure of timekeeping. The owner is friendly, courteous and very knowledgeable and helpful!

Fixed watch band in a couple minutes. Great price.

Great customer service

Watch batterys

Super helpful staff ive had them work on a few things for me including sizing this watch for me

We have a quartz driven wall clock that quit working. We liked the clock, so we checked around on line, and found this nifty business, It's All About Time, that sells and repairs all kinds of clocks and time pieces. I called them, and gave them a description of the clock and the problem. I took it in, andt hey gave me a very reasonable quote. They replaced the quartz motor with a more powerful drive. They had it ready to go in one day, and they stayed with the quote. It works like new! No gimmicks or surprises. They are competent, knowledgeable, and customer friendly! We highly recommend them!

The staff was very kind. I have taken my parents in on two different occasion and was met with the same kindness each time. They were very helpful. I would recommend this place for all your watch and clock needs. We will be back.

Customer service is great. They are very knowledgeable and eager to help.

Quick friendly service with very reasonable prices!

I took two watches to this store for repair. I described what was happening with the first (second hand dragging along but the other two hands keeping time just fine), and he said "Oh that just needs a new battery, it won't need any work on it". I took his word for it, and sure enough a battery change fixed the problem. He could have easily taken it in for repair; I didn't know any better. The second watch had a minute hand that was dangling and useless. He did take that in for repair, and while I shopped next door, he fixed it in around a half hour. He gave it to me running great, date and time set, and a fresh battery for good measure. Total charge for the second watch (including new battery) was around $15. I highly recommend this store!

My experience was good , my favorite every day watch got water in under the crystal it was repaired cleaned and came back the same day friendly service ...

Although they weren't able to fix my watch, they were very kind and referred me to a place that could.

Had these guys do some work that required replacing my watch crystal. They charged me a fair price and did good work. Would definitely recommend!

I've never bought a watch or clock here, but I've had one watch repaired and a couple resized. In each case the staff was courteous and did an outstanding job. I have no idea whether their prices are competitive or not, but resizing was $12 and a simple repair (removing moisture) was about $25. I'd recommend the store for anyone with a valuable timepiece that needs repairs or maintenance.

The customer service here was amazing! Will definitely be recommending this place to friends, family, and almost literally anybody willing to listen.

Expertise and great customer service. I will be back!

The best in Utah!! Customer service is professional and exceptional service to all my time pieces. Thank you

After going to 4 different stores that wouldn't change the battery for my watch. These guys did without hesitation! After about five minutes of waiting, I not only left with my watch working, but he also gave me a free battery change for the next time I need it! They clearly care about their customers and I highly recommend this store!!!

I needed two watch batteries and went into the store 5 minutes before closing time. They were so professional and so nice. When I have gone to a jewelry store for a watch battery the sales people are SO annoyed that I am ONLY purchasing a watch battery. The owner of the store was so kind and SO appreciative of my business. AND I paid less than half of what I would have paid for a watch battery at a jewelry store, and they steam cleaned my watch band - and they appreciated my business, even at 5 minutes before closing. The owner actually mentioned to me that on my next visit to the store if I thought I might be late, to just give them a call and they would wait for me. Incredible! I can't even remember the last time I had service like that. I have five watches to drop off tonight! Please take your business to It's All About Time. You won't be sorry. AND the clocks in the store are incredible!

In this high tech, digital, automated world, customer service is SO hard to find!!!! Well I certainly found it at “It’s All About Time”!!! My watch was too big and needed links removed. The service was fast, friendly and very professional and the price was great too! Thanks “It’s all about time”, you will definitely be my go to place for all my watch/time needs! I would HIGHLY recommend this business!!!

It's nice to see that there are a few places out there that still give good service!

These guys are great. My wife and I have been coming here for years. They are always professional and courteous. They have great products at great prices, and seemingly know everything there is to know about all time- pieces. As I have yet to stump them with my collection. They can do it all, and you know it's been done right. I like to stop in just to see what is new. Great guys to have in your corner.

Used 'All About Time' for the first time yesterday and was highly impressed. I was greeted and helped quickly and they were able to change all of my watch batteries easily and quickly. The service was awesome and it overall it was a great experience.

I go to It's All About Time frequently. They are upfront about what needs to be done and they can usually help you in a timely manner. They have experience with most watch and clock repairs and if, by chance, it's something they're not able to repair they'll let you know asap so your time isn't wasted. If you need a battery changed or a watch sized, they can usually do that while you wait and they give free estimates on repairs. I'd recommend them to a friend.

I took 2 watches in to been repaired. One watch, needed to be dried out. (Suppose to be water proof and water got in.) Gasket needed to be replace. Paid a lot for watch at different store. Warranty expired! The second watch had the "second hand" fall off and the face was scratched. They repaired, cleaned, buffed and replaced the battery on each watch and they both looked BRAND NEW!!! I also bought 2 children watches and I paid under $60 for all. Very Very reasonable and the service was AWESOME! 5 STAR all the way!

I am really surprised at the negative reviews that It's All About Time has received. I had nothing but a great experience, the staff and ownership are extremely friendly and helpful. We moved here from CA and my husband's surf watch wasn't working properly. I doubted that I could find anyone in UT that would even know how to fix a surf watch, but I gave It's All About Time a chance and I'm so glad that I did. They did a great job in a timely manner and were extremely fair in price. They also have a really great assortment of new watches that caught my eye and was surprised at how low the prices were. I would recommend this store to anyone, most especially if they have an expensive watch that needs expert care.

Great place. They are striving to run a great business. Thanks.

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