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Cross Security, Inc.


Security is so important these days with so many trying to beat the system. I appreciate the knowledge and help that Steve has helped me with. I highly recommend Cross Security for all my security needs. Thanks Steve and thanks Cross Security. You are awesome!!!

This is a friendly, professional, and reliable security company. I have had two alarms installed with them since I moved homes and left my original alarm in the old house. Both installs were great. The systems are very user intuitive and my family love the app that is available. It makes it easy to control the alarm, thermostat, and garage door when needed. Rick did a fantastic job on the install and completed everything we needed. Steve got our thermostat and garage door working perfectly. It is great that it is a local company with local people covering the service. We know they are on top of what is going on because we were called on Thanksgiving Day when our house had lost power and they were notified. They checked with us to make sure there wasn’t an issue. It made us grateful to know someone was watching even on a holiday. Any time we have had a question or needed help Steve has gone out of his way to assist us. They have great customer service. Thanks for the great product and service you provide.

Cross Security has protected our business and home for years. Their installation and maintenance staff and monitoring team are knowledgeable, attentive and responsive. We highly recommend Cross for your security needs.

I wanted to locally owned company to protect my new home and I have been with Cross Security for almost 3 years now and they have been right there any time I needed anything. Very happy with the installation and costs. Nice to have real people who know me when I call with questions!

Service has always been prompt and we have great confidence in the effectiveness of our system as well as the responsiveness of the phone staff.Highly recommend them.

We are extremely happy with Cross Security. The cost estimates were transparent and upfront, no hidden fees or costs. The installation was hassle free. If you have questions there is always a real person answering the phone to assist. The app also works really well with the smart phone. I highly recommend Cross Security for anyone looking for a company that is trustworthy and responsive. Stay away from ADT, they are a nightmare to deal with if you ever have issues!

Great Company with great service and pricing

Excellent service. Timely call back on any monitored alarms and response is appropriate.

These guys are great. They will sell you what you need and not a bunch of extra stuff that only drives their profits up. The 24/7 monitoring is almost like owning your own monitoring company. Our system has been in for about 6 months, and we have had no issues. I highly recommend this company.

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