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Bare Body Wax Co


Janie did an amazing job! I have been getting Brazilians from other places for the past few months and always left feeling like my skin had been ripped off but as I walked away with my appointment with Janie it felt totally normal and I almost forgot I had gotten waxed. Will definitely be back!

Janie is great

Such a great experience! First Brazilian and she made me feel comfortable and the service was quick, efficient, and nearly painless! She knows what she’s doing! Did a great job! Will come back for sure!

Janie was fantastic. She loves what she does and its obvious. Great atmosphere

First Brazilian and it was such a great experience definitely coming back soon

Her prices are extremely competitive (cheaper than others) she also offers deals to regular customers. She was quick and efficient. I was very happy with my wax. Just know it's possible you'll be waiting even after your scheduled appointment, since she is a one man band. But she is worth waiting for.

Janie is the best! Her prices are competitive but her personality and casualness of the whole thing makes the experience enjoyable! I highly recommend her!

This is a very good place to go. I got a full body wax it was a great experience she was very nice and inviting. I'm transgender male to female and I first emailed her to be sure that she would take a client like me and she did. She doesn't care who or what you are she will help you get rid of unwanted hair. The location is perfect for anyone in Davis county. The price is better than other places than I looked at. Unlike other places that you need to be approved to be waxed. If you do have still remaining hair after your appointment she is willing to do touch up work.

Wow! Wonderful! Very clean, welcoming environment! I felt very comfortable and calm. Would recommend to anyone, especially if it's your first time having your private areas waxed. Will definitely be back.

Super clean

Janie is amazing! She makes you feel comfortable, and is extremely talented. Reasonably priced, and very knowledgeable.

Janie was great! Very professional and did a superb job! Got a Brazilian done in less than 30 minutes!

I loved coming to Bare Body Wax. Janie was THE BEST! She was friendly and very professional. I felt less pain going to Jamie then I had going to anyone else. Highly recommended.

Great and very painless. Good conversation.

Janie was referred to me. She is the best esthetician I've been to. She's always done great work on me and makes me feel very comfortable with her professionalism and easy flow of conversation.

Fantastic experience! Janie was kind, professional and quick. I'll be back 😊

*Edit* turns out there was a personal issue that made it so she wasn’t in until later that day, and the “open” sign was accidentally left flipped over from the day before. Scheduled my wax and had a great experience. She is super kind and friendly! Will be going back! Online it says they open at 9:00 but when I came at 9:00 the sign said “open” but the door was locked and there was no one in sight. I knocked and waited for 30 minutes and still no one answered. I called and no one answered. I came back at 10:00 and the door was still locked and when I called and texted again no one answered. I’m pretty frustrated because I was in the area and wanted to talk to a person to either walk-in or make an appointment but I couldn’t get ahold of anybody.

Janie was very professional when doing my Brazilian. This was my first wax, and I was nervous, but she talked to me the whole time to distract me. She was very personable and the whole process was quick. I’m happy about the results.

This place was awesome completely professional. I was extremely nervous to go in here due to it being my first time having a modified male Brazilian but honestly I’ve felt worse pain then that before so if you like a relaxed environment and easy to talk to staff I would highly recommend coming here. I will definitely be coming back.

Best place ever. Comfortable. Clean. Best place to get ur first wax or next wax. Love it. Will be going back regularly...

This was such a good experience. Quick, very well done. Much better experience than other I have had. Great, professional people

Love it... Though slightly painful

Janie is great! She's so fast, and very thorough. She's also great to talk to, which helps distract you from her ripping your hair out. Also there's no pressure to buy extra things from here, and she doesn't pressure you to add additional services or anything either. Janie is the best.

Jamie is great, fast and efficient.

She does a great job and the fact that she's willing to do men's waxes is a huge bonus.

Best price and best service! Janie is very fast and efficient and it hurts way less!

Best Brazilian around! Jeannie only uses hard wax which is so much nicer on your more sensitive bits. And the price is very reasonable compared to other wax companies. I've been going to Bare Body for over a year and I'll continue to go.

Janie is great. She makes the process as comfortable as possible and above all very very clean. Since moving to UT I only go here and each time I'm satisfied with the results.

Best, painless wax ever! This girl knows her business.

I absolutely hate waxing but Janie makes it so simple and the least amount painful I have had from anyone else I've been waxed by! She's also very friendly and patient.

Janie is fast and thorough and quite personable. I do enjoy the male brazilians she does, and I'm sure you would also. The cost for maintenance waxing is totally worth it, plus she's even faster than my last waxer. Highly recommended.

I have had many waxes and this one was by far the most painless. The wax that she used was really gentle and very effective. I'm really happy with the service and results.

I just got a full body wax and it was an amazing experience. I showed up a bit early and she was ready & welcoming. No double dipping sticks in the wax, no bare hands (wore gloves at all times), super clean studio, and almost no pain (compared to my previous wax!). She kept checking with me about the temperature of the wax and explained things as she worked. Very detailed (used tweezers) even though I'm not that picky about small pieces of hair that are too short to be waxed. Also, I know the price was too low for that. She had very fair prices and are almost not comparable in the area (I know because I've been looking around & I'm a student). Overall, very satisfied customer and I will recommend them to my best friends ;)

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